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Feb 1, 2009


For IT 326, IT 125 – Ethics for IT Professionals
Read chapter 5 and 6 of Ethics in Information Technology book

You can download from this link:


Download procedure:
Copy and paste the link to URL (address) bar
Hit Enter key or press GO
Select or click FREE user
Wait until the word DOWNLOAD appears and click it

After reading, answer the following questions:

Chapter 5
What is first amendment? To whom does it apply?
What is obscene speech? Is it protected under the first amendment?
What was the Communications Decency Act (CDA)? Why was it ruled unconstitutional?
Discuss the role that anonymous expression played in the early formation of the United States?
What are some actions you can take if you wish to remain anonymous on the internet? Are there ways in which your identity can be uncovered?
Give several examples of speech that is not protected by the first amendment.
What are the two extreme viewpoints taken by companies when dealing with pornography?

Chapter 6
What types of works can be copyrighted or patented?
What is meant by independent creation? Is it an allowable defense to a copyright infringement claim? To a patent infringement claim? To a trade secret infringement claim?
Define trade secret. What actions must an organization take to ensure its ability to file a successful Economic Espionage Act claim?
What options do companies have to protect their trade secrets?
What is trademark? What is its purpose?
What is cyber squatter?
What is reverse engineering as it applies to hardware or software?
What is the difference between competitive intelligence and industrial espionage?

Submit / E-mail your answers to jelashly@yahoo.com before February 7, 2009 and prepare for a test next week.

For IT 226 – Data Structure and Algorithm

Read and study Data Structure from this link:


and prepare for a TEST next week.

Discuss the following:

Submit / E-mail your answers to jelashly@yahoo.com before February 7, 2009 and prepare for a test next week.