Feb 18, 2010

Health Insurance—it’s a must not a necessity!

Ever thought of getting sick and got nothing to do with it? How about of being hospitalized and have no money for payment? Here is the answer.

Today’s economic downturn has affected many aspects of people’s lives. Even purchasing a healthcare insurance plan became troublesome when it comes to finding the best plan at an affordable price. But despite this dilemma there are still ways for you to purchase a health insurance policy that will cover your basic needs at no burdensome cost.

You may find it difficult to choose a health plan because of the wide variety that is currently available. What you must keep in mind is that your health needs must be met by your health insurance plan at a reasonable price. It is very important for you to find a health plan that will answer your family’s specific needs. And, of course, it must also be within your budget.

These days, people are learning about individual health insurance the hard way. Some thought they could still get along sickness easily without it and as they experience sickness they then realize what they thought was wrong. That was then health insurance came to their minds.

It is really important for a person to have this insurance for his assurance. A person will never know when or how he would get sick. Having health insurance means getting ready for that unknown time. Invest for your future by first taking good care of your health.

Feb 9, 2010

..just need some time...

according to him, i should take some real quality time for my self.
..time to smile when am sad,
..time to rest when am tired, 
..time to love when am empty,
.. time to let go of the pain when am hurt,
..time to pray whenever am in need.

Quality time for oneself truly heals. Everything falls into its right place and right direction.

Feb 7, 2010


What you see depends on where you stand……
Professionalism entails completeness or totality of certainties on things or activities around our environment. It does require not only an orientation to processes but a sense of mastery over the scenario.
IT professionalism, on the first hand, is a specification which demands greater understanding on Information and Communication Technology that surrounds its premise. It focuses on the undermining the capability and capacity of hardware and software resources integrated to produced a very usable output for the technologically enhanced and challenged environment. Certainly, it does oblige the involved peopleware to vertically focus on the extension and expansion of its virtual environment. On the other hand, being an IT professional demand the wholesome understanding of personality involved and expected as Information Technologist. The manner should be a relentless effort parallel to the etiquette and virtues. At the same time maintain the prior respect to other person involved in the workspace, and as a vertical activity towards IT systems, IT professional does recognize the business and enterprise possibility, assessment on IT environment as well as able to envision future existence of the technology and summarizes its action with the assessment on strategic plan.
Being an IT Professional does not necessary mean that anyone should graduate IT related courses. Though a requirement, but, one must possess the discipline of a TRUE IT in the sense that he presents the superior expertise both in software and hardware arena.
Thus I am..

Feb 3, 2010

Getting use to it...........

When i met this someone, a part of me said that I've wasted so much time before, that I've been so unproductive when it comes to using every hour of the day.
When i met this someone, my 9pm to 10pm sleeping routine was now actually extended to 12mn to 1am.
When i met this someone, i treasured every minute that we're together.
When i met this  someone, i comprehended the words "Time is Gold".

Now, i am always craving for any amount of time just to be with this  someone.
To fulfill his desires, to accomplish various duties and to follow agreements. 

That's why i'd like you to meet my someone too.
For you to experience what I have been through...

Am getting use to it... coz i like too... now... it is your time to do.........Odesk.