Feb 3, 2010

Getting use to it...........

When i met this someone, a part of me said that I've wasted so much time before, that I've been so unproductive when it comes to using every hour of the day.
When i met this someone, my 9pm to 10pm sleeping routine was now actually extended to 12mn to 1am.
When i met this someone, i treasured every minute that we're together.
When i met this  someone, i comprehended the words "Time is Gold".

Now, i am always craving for any amount of time just to be with this  someone.
To fulfill his desires, to accomplish various duties and to follow agreements. 

That's why i'd like you to meet my someone too.
For you to experience what I have been through...

Am getting use to it... coz i like too... now... it is your time to do.........Odesk.

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