May 28, 2010

Faith is the best way in life

(by..Tyrine Faith Cañedo BSIT I (2003)).. one of my favorite school writer...

Faith brightens our lives,
In a magical way;
It enlightens our mind
Bringing quiet and peace
To a troubled days.

Faith is believing
That after the rain
Birds will be singing
In the sunshine again

Faith let us know
That the darkness of night
Is followed each morning
By the downs glowing light

So if you’ve felt
That you’ve troubled by strife
Remember that faith
Is the best way of life.

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May 25, 2010

“Will you marry me?”

"Success in marriage is much more than finding the right person; it is a matter of being the right person"

Every girls dream is too be asked by her partner into getting married, to walk in the isle looking as if she is the most beautiful woman in the world with her lovely gown. Each pair of lovers wishes to spend the lifetime with each other thinking his or her partner is the one. Without even thinking of its consequences.

Marriage is a social union or legal contract between individuals that creates a relationship of two entities. It is not realized by just wanting it to happen, it is done by the understanding of two hearts. It is the union of two souls ready to sacrifice their singleness for the sake of being with someone they love. But as what most people say, most marriages are just happy in the start but as time passes by, it will still fail. That’s why most people are afraid to enter the world of marriage. Because of the simple reason that they are afraid of experiencing what other people had experienced.

So before you decide of getting married, make sure that he or she is the one. Because marriage is not something that you can easily drop down the moment you realize that you’re already used to it.

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May 24, 2010

Am I inlove, Friend?

(by charry Armodia)

I want to be near with you
Because I want you to be my friend
Then you treated me as a friend
And finally we became the best of friend

But in all the days that we’re together
I felt something that grows deeper
Am I inlove, friend?
Oh! Yes I’m madly inlove friend.

Days passed and I couldn’t understand
I do recall the memories we ever had
And now I want to ask,
Am I inlove, friend?

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May 21, 2010


It is just hard to find the perfect prince charming and more often some girls end up going out to someone who is not the ideal one for them and is truly opposite to what they really expected their boyfriend to be.

  • Try to be the best person you are. People who are true to themselves naturally catch the attention of people to them. By being the best person you are they will notice your qualities and might fall for you.
  • Smile. Keep a little smile wherever you are. This will make you stand out among others. 
  • Do not look for him. Let the time bring this perfect guy for you. He will not just appear where you can perfectly say “He the one!”. You never know that you are looking and waiting for a guy that for a long time being with you always. Keep an open mind and give him a chance. 
  • Introduce yourself! You can say hello to someone that you find cute but do it in a natural manner and not to obvious that you like him. Sometimes you must take the risks not considering the result of whether you will be neglected or you will have him. But , you will never know unless you give it a try.
  • Stay open mind. Some keep looking for the right and perfect man not knowing, that man you are referring is just right around the corner or right in front of you. You have did not give him chance and when it happens, you will not find out that he is the one. It could be your childhood friend or your classmate.
  • Remember to never give up. When you are in doubt either you can still find your prince or not remember to never surrender. God provide someone for you and he will come along and prove to you it was all worth it at the right time.
  • Define what a "perfect boyfriend" means to you. Do you think you can find the qualities you really want on earth or you are dealing with the fictitious characters of those you can find in the television?
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May 19, 2010


You walk into the exam area and the scary proctor places that white sheet of paper in front of you and inform you that you have only got an hour to do it. That can craze anyone out, but remember to take it as a healthy challenge.

  • Be prepared. Sometimes you will feel ready for a test but recognize that you are not as prepared as you imagine. If this often happens, you may not be studying enough.
  • Have a good night's sleep.  Sleep early a night before the exam and eat a healthy breakfast when you wake up in the morning. Do not cram in the night of the exam.
  • Prepare all your equipments. Make sure materials needed are all set such as an extra pencil, ruler, calculator, etc.
  • Be in class a little early. If you get early to the test center, you can choose a seat you are comfortable to. You will feel stress-free if you don't get there just before the time.
  • Take breaths. Inhale through your nose deeply and slowly before the test starts. Hold the breath for 3-5 seconds and exhale slowly in the course of your mouth. Do this exercise if you feel the pressure it brought you.
  • Tell yourself it's just a test. Think that it is just a test. Think that you have passed so many tests before and you can pass too on the current test.
  • Skip questions if possible. Never spend too much time on one question. If you get trapped, skip the question and move forward. Come back to that question at the end of the test if you still have time.
  •  Pretend like you're the only person in the room. Don't be alarmed if you see other students writing swiftly or handing in their tests before time. Strive to work at a stable rate and do not worry about swiftness because it is not a race.
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May 17, 2010


Every one was born with a sense of humor but not all has the power to use it in a precise way. Some has a gift of using it but end up with a worst discussion when one among the members of the group was not in the mood to acknowledge your remarks. This will direct to a more intricate remarks that triggers your ego to take necessary actions. These actions probably would cause a relationship being devastated just because of those thoughtless annotations.

  • Don't respond right away. Don’t let your anger take place. Take sometime to think of the right words to say rather than directly saying or doing something that would hurt you both.
  • Speak up for your beliefs in calm and rationale manner. Do not let his comment pass without answering it. He might think you accepted and it is fine to you whatever he mentioned. It is also good not react on it, but, it is still better if you can express your thoughts.
  • Never take things so personally, to give a person benefit of the doubt. You can assume that you are not insulted by the comment. In the first place, everyone never knows who really you are, and they do not have any idea that something offended your being or not.
  • Try to ask question before making a declaration. Try asking him why he responded that way before making any statements.  Do not just be thoughtless because you are being insulted.
  • Play fiend’s advocate. If you think they intend really to insult your being, react as if you are more than what they think you are. Do not let them make you down, instead, amuse them with the other part of yourself.
  • Be likely tactful to divulge your position. Try to show your real self and what you can do. So they are not going to insult you that way and they will be aware that such thing insults you. For that, they will refrain from doing it next time around.
  • Let him know that you feel insulted. Learn to express yourself in an appropriate manner rather than keeping it alone and revealing to anyone that you got insulted, Tell them that such things insults you and it hurts you.
  • Imagine you are soaring. Keep yourself at par and be calm. Everything will go well with being cool.  In the end, that someone who insulted you, will realize that it’s his fault and will end up that people will look at him bad.
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May 14, 2010

How to Not Be Obsessive over a Guy

If you just cannot accept why your boyfriend breaks up with you, think for a while. It could be that you are becoming too obsessed over him. When you cannot sleep, eat and smile after the break-up and just think of him every minute of the day, you should try reading this piece and this will help you.


  • Be respectful. Do not call him every minute and in the middle of the night just to tell him to come back. Try to be on his shoe if you just do not like the one’s calling.  If you really need to call him, do it once and you can leave not more that two messages.
  • Be thoughtful, do something! If you find him talking to any other girls, try using your head. You can talk to other guys too and you are allowed to do it. You can even do it when he is beside you and it is much better. Talk to others about something that will remind him why he started dating you before. Show the qualities that he loves on you. He might realize then how awful it is to leave you. 
  • Do not make him your world. There are things other than him that are far more important. You can go dating again, go out with your friends or even go out with him as friends and pretend that you are better in that way, though it was not.
  • Be happy. Let him find you contented and fine. If he really loves you, he will find time to bring you back. But if it is not, do not make the first move, though you will really be hurt. If you think, there is a need to make the first move; you are free to do it. But when he ignores you, stop and forget him!.
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May 11, 2010

How to Have a Long Lasting Marriage

For a marriage to last, cooperation and understanding of both partners are necessary. Marriage failure occurs when one has given up and didn’t even try to save the relationship. When one is not happy with the status, most couple still try to keep the relationship for the sake of the years they have been together and for the sake of their children.
  • Be contended. Do not try to look for anyone else who can make you happier. If your partner cannot do the things that make you happy, help him to slowly do it for you. Be contented and don't regret the commitment you have and you made to yourself and to your partner.
  • Learn to compromise. Understand his likes and dislikes.  Both should be aware of each other’s feeling. For instance, your partner wants to see a suspense type of movie in the theater, and you don’t even bother to watch such movie. Try to compromise and give him a chance that both of you can watch the movie.  It is hard to do, that is, but learn to like it.
  • Ask apologize when you have done wrong. Do not let your pride ingest you and destroy the relationship. If you’ve got to say sorry, say it in a calm, natural and charming manner. Do it in the right place and time and don’t let it resolve the next day.
  • Show your support. Your support for your partner will help to build a strong bind in relationship. Encourage your partner to pursue and focus on the things he likes as long as this will not affect his relationship with you.
  • Do enjoyment. At least once in a while, both of you will have time for each other together with the kids. Once in a while forget about the regular routines you have in the house or in the office. You may like to go out for lunch and watch theater or go to an amusement park.
  • Commemorate anniversaries. Do not forget special occasions pertaining to your relation such as engagement date, wedding date and birthdays. Allocate some budget for it and do celebrate. This doesn’t need an extravagant affair, what a matter is you remembered the date.
  • Plan for the future. Plan especially for the benefits of your children. Where would you like them to study and what course will you let them take.
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May 9, 2010

How to Make Small Conversation

A little conversation can be an immense challenge, but a small preparation and self-assurance is all you need. As an expert small speaker you will be more open to many and friendly person, compared to somebody who doesn't say a thing during social circumstances. Just do not exaggerate it because public will find you annoying and too talkative.
  • Always practice. Talk to everyone you come across: waiters, cashiers, people you're in line with, your neighbors, your co-workers and kids. Chat with people with different views from you, from seniors to teens to tourists. With this you can get ideas from them which you will use to talk to any other.
  • Read whatever you see. There are a lot of things out there that can be a source of information and you can use it to talk to people. 
  • Have the energy to get into small talk. Be always ready for a talk. Try to say something whenever you can.
  • Put yourself in both high and low culture. Try to be on the shoe of high and low kinds of people and their culture. This helps you recognize and decide how to start the conversation to a certain person. 
  • Keep with you a journal. Take note of important topics that you find useful in the long run. You can write down new heard jokes, quotes and the like.  
  • Speak to yourself in the mirror. A good way of practicing is by talking to yourself. You can do it in while facing the mirror. Pay attention on your gestures and facial expressions.
  • Increase your horizons. Be flexible and do not just be contented of the same routine everyday. As much as possible, try to learn new things.
  • Be a good listener. Do not talk when someone is talking; indeed, listen to the topics mentioned by the speaker. 
  • Work with confidence. Don’t let your shyness rule over you. Remember, if you are confidence of what you know, you can share more with others.
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May 8, 2010

My kind of Love Story Blecil Seraspe-Bitanas… hello mommy!

Everyone says love is a world where everyone could freely enter
And I noticed that he like me through his penetrating stare
The gesture that urges me to say “I don’t care!”
Friends told me we could make a perfect pair
The comment that prompted me to react “whatever!”

What I’ve been dreaming is a lasting affair
A thing that will only happen between real lovers
Cosmic joker guessed, we are meant for each other
The prediction that caused me to swear, “Hell freezes over!”

I never thought fate could be cruel to me
Until I realized things went on differently
I found myself thinking of him one day
Trying to recall those gestures that drove me crazy

Like those stares that made me uneasy
His smiles that made my heart beat abnormally
 I even thought he was just right there pestering me
But so disappointed when reality insisted I was alone and lonely

Surprisingly one day, he came and stood at my door
Like a knight in a shinning armor
His weapon was a Bouquet of flowers
And a card filled with messages of Love and care

Days, months and year after
He become my lover, my significant other
His jokes always gave me never ending laughter
I silently wished our love would go deeper and stronger
A kind of relationship that would last forever

I fancy our love is a pure delight
It would always make our days bright
God help me, make it destiny
Above all you know, this is my kind of Love Story.

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May 5, 2010

When to fear and when to fight

A writing from Ms. MAY (i forgot her surname) - a NORMISIST SSG Officer of SY 2002-2003

“Fear” as quoted in a book I’ve once read is “the greatest obstacle to human progress. It is the cloud in the sky that induces the indigo mood, the imagined difficulty that weakens purpose and the dread of impending failure that paralyzes effort.”

I often fear and I have been a victim of all its heart-depressing, digestion-disturbing and blood poisoning effects.

I can still recall how I bow and bury my head for I fear to stand and speak in justification of myself. I fear to walk alone in the dark; I fear to decide or myself, afraid to commit wrong decisions; I fear to be warm, afraid to receive cold shoulders; I fear to trust, afraid with betrayal; I live with so much fear and I never realized how it caused me weak in both mind and body.

Until, I unnoticeably and naturally conquered my fears. It was late when I realized it. Upon such realization, there was one conclusion I’ve drawn – Conquering fears is simply not to fear the fears.

Being the leader of my organization, vested in me are mount of responsibilities and ample tasks, including the task to fight for the organization’s rights. I fear to fight, afraid to loose the fight and cry in defeat, nor win the fight and put someone into defeat. Such fear put me to silence, instead of speaking for my stand, it caused me to be deaf amidst problems that I must listen and solve and such fear caused me defeat without a battle.

I never knew I might win a battle for I never once tried, until I tried and I won. That seed-thought of strength and the will to fight never remained a thought in my mind, I implanted it in my consciousness, tend it, cultivated it and it gradually gave me a good harvest of strength, endurance and power. Yet, these strength, endurance and power I’m talking about, isn’t useful all the time. For no matter what, there is a still moment when I fear – that’s when my vitality and vigor are low and my reserved force has been exhausted – that’s when I’m not stepping on a strong ground.

Now, I fear nothing, unless I’m not confident that I have nothing to fear. Now, I can fight a million battles with the mightiest warriors, so long as I’m fighting for the right. I will never be afraid of defeat when I know I have the good armor, as well as I will never hesitate to put someone to defeat, when I know his shield isn’t truth and justice.

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May 2, 2010

Finding the Right Place in Life

Many people nowadays feel lost, not knowing where they belong. Life has turned so complex that the standing rule is “survival of the fittest”. But every one really has a place in this world. God creates and reserves a particular place for us. And God makes no mistakes. You only need to know where you belong.

These were just some of the many tips on how to find the suit place in life and I wish it would work on your part. These tips were given to me for free by the POSTMARK Enterprises; Philippines when I ordered one particular book in their company. Here goes:
  • Determine what you can do well. You feel you have given you best to task assigned to you yet you seem not to succeed at all. Why? Take stock of what you can do better compared to others. Are you using the right methods? Are you entertaining the right thoughts? Are you on the right track? These are some questions to ask yourself when re-thinking over your position in the world to find out if you are in the right place.
  • Trust and rely on your abilities. Once you determine what you can do well, believe that it will show you your rightful place in the universe. Trust in your capacities. Do not shirk just because of discouragements and tragedies. Things can and do change. Don’t loss your hope. Trust God to give your abilities enough power to help you find that rightful place in the world.
  • Light up your mind. The pessimist seems to succeed sometimes. But he does not enjoy the fruits of his success because he is always looking forward to some end or tragedy. He keeps seeing failure and defeat and looking at the dark side of life. He can only be half successful. 
  • Keep Moving and Adjusting. Be flexible instead of remaining static. They say that the only constant thing in life is change. Bend with change if you want to find out where you should be. Mature persons are flexible. They change their views and attitudes when necessary. Learn to adopt this habit of mind.
  • Be serene and patient Nothing is permanent except God, and God is Goodness Itself. All reversals, sufferings and ugliness take place only in time. So be patient and you will find your place no matter how uncertain, empty or distressing things look at present.
The best things in life need time to develop. There is a season for all. You need patience to find the best. Be your own master and your own person by being patient. It means trust in the good that is forthcoming or is already here, though not yet physically manifesting itself.

We may not be in our ordained places at the moment, but with enough faith in, and cooperation with providence, we shall surely be guided to where we should be- and where alone we can be happy with the help of insurance leads. That is our place in the world.