May 17, 2010


Every one was born with a sense of humor but not all has the power to use it in a precise way. Some has a gift of using it but end up with a worst discussion when one among the members of the group was not in the mood to acknowledge your remarks. This will direct to a more intricate remarks that triggers your ego to take necessary actions. These actions probably would cause a relationship being devastated just because of those thoughtless annotations.

  • Don't respond right away. Don’t let your anger take place. Take sometime to think of the right words to say rather than directly saying or doing something that would hurt you both.
  • Speak up for your beliefs in calm and rationale manner. Do not let his comment pass without answering it. He might think you accepted and it is fine to you whatever he mentioned. It is also good not react on it, but, it is still better if you can express your thoughts.
  • Never take things so personally, to give a person benefit of the doubt. You can assume that you are not insulted by the comment. In the first place, everyone never knows who really you are, and they do not have any idea that something offended your being or not.
  • Try to ask question before making a declaration. Try asking him why he responded that way before making any statements.  Do not just be thoughtless because you are being insulted.
  • Play fiend’s advocate. If you think they intend really to insult your being, react as if you are more than what they think you are. Do not let them make you down, instead, amuse them with the other part of yourself.
  • Be likely tactful to divulge your position. Try to show your real self and what you can do. So they are not going to insult you that way and they will be aware that such thing insults you. For that, they will refrain from doing it next time around.
  • Let him know that you feel insulted. Learn to express yourself in an appropriate manner rather than keeping it alone and revealing to anyone that you got insulted, Tell them that such things insults you and it hurts you.
  • Imagine you are soaring. Keep yourself at par and be calm. Everything will go well with being cool.  In the end, that someone who insulted you, will realize that it’s his fault and will end up that people will look at him bad.
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