May 2, 2010

Finding the Right Place in Life

Many people nowadays feel lost, not knowing where they belong. Life has turned so complex that the standing rule is “survival of the fittest”. But every one really has a place in this world. God creates and reserves a particular place for us. And God makes no mistakes. You only need to know where you belong.

These were just some of the many tips on how to find the suit place in life and I wish it would work on your part. These tips were given to me for free by the POSTMARK Enterprises; Philippines when I ordered one particular book in their company. Here goes:
  • Determine what you can do well. You feel you have given you best to task assigned to you yet you seem not to succeed at all. Why? Take stock of what you can do better compared to others. Are you using the right methods? Are you entertaining the right thoughts? Are you on the right track? These are some questions to ask yourself when re-thinking over your position in the world to find out if you are in the right place.
  • Trust and rely on your abilities. Once you determine what you can do well, believe that it will show you your rightful place in the universe. Trust in your capacities. Do not shirk just because of discouragements and tragedies. Things can and do change. Don’t loss your hope. Trust God to give your abilities enough power to help you find that rightful place in the world.
  • Light up your mind. The pessimist seems to succeed sometimes. But he does not enjoy the fruits of his success because he is always looking forward to some end or tragedy. He keeps seeing failure and defeat and looking at the dark side of life. He can only be half successful. 
  • Keep Moving and Adjusting. Be flexible instead of remaining static. They say that the only constant thing in life is change. Bend with change if you want to find out where you should be. Mature persons are flexible. They change their views and attitudes when necessary. Learn to adopt this habit of mind.
  • Be serene and patient Nothing is permanent except God, and God is Goodness Itself. All reversals, sufferings and ugliness take place only in time. So be patient and you will find your place no matter how uncertain, empty or distressing things look at present.
The best things in life need time to develop. There is a season for all. You need patience to find the best. Be your own master and your own person by being patient. It means trust in the good that is forthcoming or is already here, though not yet physically manifesting itself.

We may not be in our ordained places at the moment, but with enough faith in, and cooperation with providence, we shall surely be guided to where we should be- and where alone we can be happy with the help of insurance leads. That is our place in the world.

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