May 5, 2010

When to fear and when to fight

A writing from Ms. MAY (i forgot her surname) - a NORMISIST SSG Officer of SY 2002-2003

“Fear” as quoted in a book I’ve once read is “the greatest obstacle to human progress. It is the cloud in the sky that induces the indigo mood, the imagined difficulty that weakens purpose and the dread of impending failure that paralyzes effort.”

I often fear and I have been a victim of all its heart-depressing, digestion-disturbing and blood poisoning effects.

I can still recall how I bow and bury my head for I fear to stand and speak in justification of myself. I fear to walk alone in the dark; I fear to decide or myself, afraid to commit wrong decisions; I fear to be warm, afraid to receive cold shoulders; I fear to trust, afraid with betrayal; I live with so much fear and I never realized how it caused me weak in both mind and body.

Until, I unnoticeably and naturally conquered my fears. It was late when I realized it. Upon such realization, there was one conclusion I’ve drawn – Conquering fears is simply not to fear the fears.

Being the leader of my organization, vested in me are mount of responsibilities and ample tasks, including the task to fight for the organization’s rights. I fear to fight, afraid to loose the fight and cry in defeat, nor win the fight and put someone into defeat. Such fear put me to silence, instead of speaking for my stand, it caused me to be deaf amidst problems that I must listen and solve and such fear caused me defeat without a battle.

I never knew I might win a battle for I never once tried, until I tried and I won. That seed-thought of strength and the will to fight never remained a thought in my mind, I implanted it in my consciousness, tend it, cultivated it and it gradually gave me a good harvest of strength, endurance and power. Yet, these strength, endurance and power I’m talking about, isn’t useful all the time. For no matter what, there is a still moment when I fear – that’s when my vitality and vigor are low and my reserved force has been exhausted – that’s when I’m not stepping on a strong ground.

Now, I fear nothing, unless I’m not confident that I have nothing to fear. Now, I can fight a million battles with the mightiest warriors, so long as I’m fighting for the right. I will never be afraid of defeat when I know I have the good armor, as well as I will never hesitate to put someone to defeat, when I know his shield isn’t truth and justice.

Friend, fear not when you fight for the right. And fear not on your health when you are with insurance leads.

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