May 8, 2010

My kind of Love Story Blecil Seraspe-Bitanas… hello mommy!

Everyone says love is a world where everyone could freely enter
And I noticed that he like me through his penetrating stare
The gesture that urges me to say “I don’t care!”
Friends told me we could make a perfect pair
The comment that prompted me to react “whatever!”

What I’ve been dreaming is a lasting affair
A thing that will only happen between real lovers
Cosmic joker guessed, we are meant for each other
The prediction that caused me to swear, “Hell freezes over!”

I never thought fate could be cruel to me
Until I realized things went on differently
I found myself thinking of him one day
Trying to recall those gestures that drove me crazy

Like those stares that made me uneasy
His smiles that made my heart beat abnormally
 I even thought he was just right there pestering me
But so disappointed when reality insisted I was alone and lonely

Surprisingly one day, he came and stood at my door
Like a knight in a shinning armor
His weapon was a Bouquet of flowers
And a card filled with messages of Love and care

Days, months and year after
He become my lover, my significant other
His jokes always gave me never ending laughter
I silently wished our love would go deeper and stronger
A kind of relationship that would last forever

I fancy our love is a pure delight
It would always make our days bright
God help me, make it destiny
Above all you know, this is my kind of Love Story.

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