Sep 24, 2008


1) Never both be angry at the same time.

2) Never yell at each other unless the relationship is on fire.

3) If one of you has to win an argument let it be your love.

4) If you love to criticize, do it lovingly.

5) Never bring up mistakes of the past.

6) Neglect the whole world rather than each other.

7) At least once everyday try to say one kind or complimentary thing to your love one.

8) When you have done something wrong, be ready to admit and ask for forgiveness.

9) Never go home with an argument unsettled.

10)Always have love, care, & understanding everyday of the year.


plazaleonisa said...

hellow maa'm good morning have a nice day...... maa'm mag pa check pa ko sa amo data base maam be pls....kay wala pa jud ko nakapa check maam pls.....

!!!!!!thanks daan maam!!!!!!!!!

percycales said...

hello maa'm good day,how are you?
maa'm sa data base maam ba wala pa raba ko nakapa check.... mo check paka maa'm? medyo lisud- lisud pud baya to maa'm....pls lang maa'm be magpa check pako kung pwede pa.

plazaleonisa said...

maam jean thank you sa emo pag check sako data base maam kay kada type man gd nako sa computer maam kay mawala jud maam kapela nagd k cge balhen maam.......tnx maam

Marnie Dave S. Eballes said...

Hello classmate... Gud luck sa exam tomorow...Gob bless... try this link para madagdagan ang alam nyu sa pivot table...

Fai! said...

ano case# mo clasm8?

ang hirap nh exam...

Rodrigo S. Pangantihon, Jr. said...

"No simple lines form my edge
No absolute black and white,
For I am many shades of gray
A balance of dark and light;"

Grace said...

Pink na pink background ah!