Jul 4, 2010

Fushigi Yugi

Created by my younger sister Jyzl.....
            At first, I don’t really like to watch cartoons. My classmates always talk about it. Sometimes, when I’m tired of hearing those thoughts I just simply say “could you please stop talking about that thing, I can’t relate!” But when I hear them talking about the cartoon entitled “Fushigi Yugi”. So I’m curious about its story, then I decided to borrow the Compact Disc (CD) of Fushigi Yugi.

            When I watch the movie, oh! my God. I really like it. What’s the reason why I like it? It’s because the casts are amazing, the movie effects and everything about the story and it’s very easy to understand.

            The story has many twists, there’s about love and most of all it a story about friendship. You can learn many things in the story; you can learn how to accept win you lose, learn to understand, learn how to love and understand what is the true meaning of friendship.. Oh! It’s all about sacrificing! One has to win and the other has to lose.

            What’s my favorite part? It’s when Tamahomme was poisoned and forget all his friends and forget all his feelings for Miaka. The only person he knows is Yui, the one who poisoned him. He doesn’t remember all. He fight with his friends and even hurt Miaka and also Miaka’s feelings. She says “stop acting like that Tamahomme, please.” In that part I was crying but Miaka didn’t lose hope. She kissed tamahomme…. Ohhhh! How beautiful it is to watch! And the true Tamahomme is back.  

            And that’s why I like to watch cartoons right now…

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