Jun 11, 2010

0 How to Not Be Obsessive over a Guy

If you just cannot accept why your boyfriend breaks up with you, think for a while. It could be that you are becoming too obsessed over him. When you cannot sleep, eat and smile after the break-up and just think of him every minute of the day, you should try reading this piece and this will help you.


    * Be respectful. Do not call him every minute and in the middle of the night just to tell him to come back. Try to be on his shoe if you just do not like the one’s calling.  If you really need to call him, do it once and you can leave not more that two messages.
    * Be thoughtful, do something! If you find him talking to any other girls, try using your head. You can talk to other guys too and you are allowed to do it. You can even do it when he is beside you and it is much better. Talk to others about something that will remind him why he started dating you before. Show the qualities that he loves on you. He might realize then how awful it is to leave you.
    * Do not make him your world. There are things other than him that are far more important. You can go dating again, go out with your friends or even go out with him as friends and pretend that you are better in that way, though it was not.
    * Be happy. Let him find you contented and fine. If he really loves you, he will find time to bring you back. But if it is not, do not make the first move, though you will really be hurt. If you think, there is a need to make the first move; you are free to do it. But when he ignores you, stop and forget him!.

By doing the above stuffs, make sure as well that you are physically fit through health insurance leads.

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