Jun 6, 2010

How to Make Small Conversation

A little conversation can be an immense challenge, but a small preparation and self-assurance is all you need. As an expert small speaker you will be more open to many and friendly person, compared to somebody who doesn't say a thing during social circumstances. Just do not exaggerate it because public will find you annoying and too talkative.

    * Always practice. Talk to everyone you come across: waiters, cashiers, people you're in line with, your neighbors, your co-workers and kids. Chat with people with different views from you, from seniors to teens to tourists. With this you can get ideas from them which you will use to talk to any other.
    * Read whatever you see. There are a lot of things out there that can be a source of information and you can use it to talk to people.
    * Have the energy to get into small talk. Be always ready for a talk. Try to say something whenever you can.
    * Put yourself in both high and low culture. Try to be on the shoe of high and low kinds of people and their culture. This helps you recognize and decide how to start the conversation to a certain person.
    * Keep with you a journal. Take note of important topics that you find useful in the long run. You can write down new heard jokes, quotes and the like. 
    * Speak to yourself in the mirror. A good way of practicing is by talking to yourself. You can do it in while facing the mirror. Pay attention on your gestures and facial expressions.
    * Increase your horizons. Be flexible and do not just be contented of the same routine everyday. As much as possible, try to learn new things.
    * Be a good listener. Do not talk when someone is talking; indeed, listen to the topics mentioned by the speaker.
    * Work with confidence. Don’t let your shyness rule over you. Remember, if you are confidence of what you know, you can share more with others.

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