Jun 19, 2010


It is just hard to find the perfect prince charming and more often some girls end up going out to someone who is not the ideal one for them and is truly opposite to what they really expected their boyfriend to be.

    * Try to be the best person you are. People who are true to themselves naturally catch the attention of people to them. By being the best person you are they will notice your qualities and might fall for you.
    * Smile. Keep a little smile wherever you are. This will make you stand out among others.
    * Do not look for him. Let the time bring this perfect guy for you. He will not just appear where you can perfectly say “He the one!”. You never know that you are looking and waiting for a guy that for a long time being with you always. Keep an open mind and give him a chance.
    * Introduce yourself! You can say hello to someone that you find cute but do it in a natural manner and not to obvious that you like him. Sometimes you must take the risks not considering the result of whether you will be neglected or you will have him. But , you will never know unless you give it a try.
    * Stay open mind. Some keep looking for the right and perfect man not knowing, that man you are referring is just right around the corner or right in front of you. You have did not give him chance and when it happens, you will not find out that he is the one. It could be your childhood friend or your classmate.
    * Remember to never give up. When you are in doubt either you can still find your prince or not remember to never surrender. God provide someone for you and he will come along and prove to you it was all worth it at the right time.
    * Define what a "perfect boyfriend" means to you. Do you think you can find the qualities you really want on earth or you are dealing with the fictitious characters of those you can find in the television?

Love till it hurts. But, do not wait that HURT comes to your health, so go into life insurance leads.

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