Apr 9, 2010

Intrinsic Trivia

 ...created these trivia on year 2003. Dedicated for ASSCAT, my Alma Mater.

  • You have walk in and out of ASSCAT stairway most of the time, enjoying such a scenic place with trees and wide lawn, but did you ever dare count the number of steps you would from the gate to the library, from gate to Engineering Building? I challenge the BSAE students of IEIS if they can count them all.
  • Innocence of a child often allows you to remember your experiences when you yourself were a child. Children are the little angels sent from above to be love by parents, now, listen up! Can you tell me the names of Mrs. Lacambra’s children?
  • Students are but the joys and heartaches of the instructors, but undoubtedly they are the clients of the administration. How many students are enrolled as of the first semester of the year 2003-2004, including dropouts.
  • Which is which? Haven’t you asked yourself these questions? I’m sure you did, especially when you see identical and fraternal twins, now, guess how many pairs of twins exist in ASSCAT.
  • Educators and the staff are key figures in our campus. They impart knowledge and enable us to become educated. How many faculty members and administrative support staff work in the three colleges of our institute?
  • Our institution has many trees that nestle; among those are groups of Durian, Marang, Rambutan. Hit them by stones and you will be punished. Just exactly how many Durian Trees can be found in our campus?
  • Our institute caters to the educational needs of the students. She trains the students to face life with cheerfulness despite the chaos the world brought about. ASSCAT spreads its lush vegetation on the field with most of the insensitive studs have to cut during bayanihans, now tell me how many hectares of land does ASSCAT occupy?
  • Water lilies thrive in water, tress on land, cactus on desert, but haven’t you seen a plant growing on the top of the building. Now get the magnifying lens from the science lab, and start looking for this rare plant, and then tell me its specific location. You witty out there! Kindly find it for me.
Trivia where we could have answers. Crucial are the "what - ifs " of our health. We don't know how long we will live on earth. While we still have time, do take care of our body through insurance leads.

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