Apr 14, 2010

Love is…

Love sometimes doesn’t rest on someone else’s heart. That’s the finite reason why we tend to recognize that the person we love belongs to somebody and realized that he can’t be ours at all. So, it is easy for us to take the situation, it’s easy for us to bear and heal our broken hearts.
“Broken hearted” yes! That phrase was the usual expression of wrecked persons, who had experience to be turn down; ignored by the person whom she considered special and realized that guy doesn’t really like her.
There were moments of time where we are dreaming to find a good-looking partner, one that can be proud of. And I remember this words which sounds funny but a valid performance of us, the word “Maipamamasyal sa mall”. But find it out in the end? See how and what they finds out? Look at the face they actually choose?
With that case, I believe that love is not blind. Love sees everything. It sees the beauty, brain and even heart. It’s not blind really. Love sees but it never minds at all. Though he’s ugly or not, good or bad, even both has differences, what matters id your heart and his heart go well together. 

Live,love and laugh... through health insurance leads.

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