Apr 19, 2010

Until Now

“For the rest of my life, I long to tell you I love you”
When you say these words, don’t mean to break it.
For when you do… you don’t only break the words.
 However, you’d be breaking someone’s heart for believing it was your
real feeling. That would be the hardest thing to repair…
.... words when spoken and hearts when broken…..

Up to this moment I still can’t accept that you’re gone.
I was still thinking tomorrow we might walk together,
talk together, sharing tears and laughter together, as before.
I’d still mark up to mind that until now you’re still
In love with me, that you care for me.

You’re such different compared to someone I’ve known before
You’ve got a different spark that shines among them.
That makes my attention focused on that spark.
And wishing that some other day.
It would again come across my way.

I had tried myself living without you
But all things did not work to it
How come, if things surrounds me
Reminds me of all stuffs we’ve been through
Until now, I long to tell I’m wishing you back.

Loving for a lifetime requires long life of living through life insurance leads.

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