Apr 3, 2010


My love for you is
Fake, it never was
True and I promise not to
Love and care for you.  I’ll
Suspend all the love I’m offering.
I also wanted to tell you that
The first time we met I spoke was
Really disgusting it.
Really planted on my mind. I
Hate to remember it. I’ll never ever
Miss your company. I would love
To see you jump off a cliff. I hate
To be with you. One more thing is that
The care I’ve shown you is nothing
I hate to see you
For another chance I really don’t
Cry whenever you’re down
I also hate your company that
Sometimes I’d rather be
With my friends, coz I’m bored
With you and I wish that we’ll be
Enemies forever. I don’t want us to be
Together. I hope we’ll never
See each other again as well
Be far apart because life with
You is hell on earth, being without
You is pure happiness
There will be no loneliness
Supreme joy and I hope we’ll
Forget one another and never
Meet in any place and time
Coz I can’t bear to see your face
To see you one more time
Would make me vomit. I know you
Will give enough feeling of
Me that never have the
Strength to continue living
Your memory will kill me
For the rest of my life. I
Long to tell you that I don’t
Love you!!!

Note: To clearly understand my confession read it again and always skip one line. OK

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