Mar 29, 2010

Wedding Beliefs...

Veil - Finding a tear in the Wedding Veil is a Omen of Good luck!

Bridal Wear - "Something old something new, something borrowed something Blue.

White Wedding Gown - Symbolizes virginity and purity.

Mirrors - It is Bad luck for the Bride to see herself in the mirror fully dressed before the wedding... she should leave off one item of clothing such as a shoe or something.

Bride and Groom - It is bad luck for the Bride and Groom to see each other before the Ceremony.

Bride - To overcome Bad Omens... the bride should carry salt in her pocket.

Groom - To overcome Bad Omens... Carry a miniature horseshoe in your pocket.

Front Door - In order to insure Good luck, the Bride must exit with her right foot first across the threshold.

Brides Car - It is Bad luck if the Brides car does not start the first time or has car trouble on the way to the ceremony.
Cats - It is a good Omen if the Bride or Groom sees a cat on the way to the Wedding.

Spiders - Finding a Spider on the Wedding Dress is a Omen of Good luck!

Funeral - It is a Bad Omen for the Bride or Groom to pass a funeral on the way to the Wedding.

Blue - Blue is the Symbol of Spirituality and Faithfulness. The Bride should wear or carry something Blue to increase her luck in Marriage.

Snow Fall - A very successful Marriage Omen.

Rainy Day - There will be a Stormy Marriage.

Sunny Day - There will be a very Happy Marriage.

Sun with Showers - Good luck Omen.

January - A lucky Month for Marriage.

May - This is an unlucky Month for Marriage.... this coming from Ancient Rome when May was the month for making offerings to the dead.

June - A very lucky month for Marriage.

Good luck to those who are ready to tie the Knot. These were just beliefs, there's nothing wrong if you will follow or not. But make sure couple is in good health. So go into medicare insurance leads.

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